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Proper Propane Protocol Tips 2014

- 2:45 pm - November 5th, 2014

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Whether you set your Phillips Energy propane account for automatic or will-call delivery, all Phillips Energy customers receive our FREE Gas Safety Check prior to their first delivery. We provide this service free of charge because we truly care about our customers. Your safety, comfort and savings are our highest priorities.

It’s important that you understand what to do if you suspect your propane gas may be leaking. If you notice any of the warning signs below, please contact us immediately. Propane gas itself is invisible to the eye, but you can use your senses of sight and smell together to detect a propane leak.

  • Smell: The scent of propane will smell like rotten eggs, a skunk’s spray or an animal carcass. We recommend purchasing a propane gas detector.

  • Sight: If your system’s pilot light repeatedly goes out or is very difficult to light, there may be a problem. If your pilot light is out, do not attempt to fix the problem by yourself. Give us a call, we’ll relight it.

If you suspect a propane leak, do not operate phones, lights, appliances or anything that could create a flame or spark; leave the area immediately; turn off your main gas supply valve; report the leak to us and call 911; and have us check your propane equipment before reuse. If you ever have any propane-related concerns, call us at 804-642-2166 (Hayes) or 804-725-9020 (Mathews).

In order to ensure our customers stay safe and well- informed, Phillips Energy has put together a webpage dedicated to “Propane, Oil Spill & Storm Preparedness Tips.”
Please visit for more information.