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Commercial Services

commercial.pngCommercial Services

Phillips Energy understands the high-volume needs of commercial customers throughout southeastern Virginia — from the smallest "mom and pop" business to the largest corporations.

Our commercial services include:

Commercial fuels: We deliver our fuels in bulk for commercial use. All of our quality fuels are available for wholesale delivery throughout our service area using our own fleet.

Bulk delivery is also available for Diesel Exhaust Fluid and on site at the Phillips Energy retail fuel stations located in Gloucester Point and Providence Forge.

Fleet fueling: Whether we bring our quality fuels direct to your fleet or your fleet fuels up at our retail filling station, we get your vehicles on the road and help you save money, time and stress.

Propane autogas: Phillips Energy offers propane autogas in both bulk delivery and for refueling at our retail facility in Hayes, Virginia, near the Coleman Bridge at Gloucester Point.

We welcome all new commercial customers. Refer a colleague to us today.