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Commercial Fuels

Provide premium fuels at competitive prices: that's our mission at Phillips Energy. To serve you better, our quality control department continuously evaluates our fuels to ensure we have the best treatment additives possible. 

We deliver our fuels in bulk for commercial use. All of our quality fuels are available for wholesale delivery throughout our service area using our own fleet.

On-Road Diesel with the Diesel Guard Supreme Additive


Our on-road diesel is treated with Diesel Guard, a premium diesel fuel additive specially formulated for today's high performance diesel engines. Diesel Guard helps clean up injector deposits, maintains fuel stability, improves lubricity, controls water and moisture, prevents rust and corrosion, reduces smoke emissions, reduces maintenance costs, extends engine life and improves your overall fuel economy. Our customers who use Diesel Guard tell us they really can tell the difference!

Bulk delivery is also available for Diesel Exhaust Fluid and on site at the Phillips Energy retail fuel stations located in Gloucester Point and Providence Forge.

Off-Road Diesel Treated With ThermoGuard

Phillips Energy delivers premium off-road diesel in bulk for commercial use. Click here for more information on diesel treated with Valvtect.

ThermoGuard-Enriched Heating Oil

Phillips Energy’s premium heating oil with the ThermoGuard fuel additive means fewer problems on your hands ... and more money in the bank! It keeps nozzles clean, prevents sludge, removes water and prevents frozen lines. Think of ThermoGuard as "vitamins" for your heating system, keeping it healthy and youthful. And remember, ThermoGuard is added to your heating oil at no extra charge - it's one more way we try harder to serve you better.  


Phillips Energy delivers conventional and reformulated 87, 89 and 93 octane gasoline as well as gasoline without ethanol. Some of our service areas require reformulated gasoline - click here for a link to non-attainment areas that require reformulated gasoline. 


Phillips Energy commercial propane fuel customers count on us for prompt and professional delivery of propane. No matter how large your tank and how many appliances you need to power up, we are here to meet and service your needs. 

Wholesale Delivery

All quality Phillips Energy fuels are available for wholesale delivery throughout our service area using our own fleet. Phillips Energy customers depend on our team to deliver large quantities of wholesale fuel to their locations, on time, on target and on the money. We deliver to gas stations, including our own retail fuel facility, marinas, municipal buildings, schools, and other large commercial accounts. 

If you need wholesale fuels at bulk pricing, contact us