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Additional Alternative Fuels

e85Ethanol.pngE85 Flex Fuel

Phillips Energy, Inc. offers E85 flex fuel (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) in both bulk deliveries and for refueling at our retail facility in Hayes, VA. Learn the benefits of E85 by clicking here


biodiesel.pngPhillips Energy offers a B20 blend of on-road biodiesel (20% soy-based biodiesel, 80% premium enriched on-road diesel) in both bulk delivery and for refueling at our retail facility in Hayes, VA

Just like our "regular" on-road diesel, our biodiesel is treated with Diesel Guard Supreme, a premium diesel fuel additive. We utilize cold-flow additives during the colder months to ensure the performance of our biodiesel product. Learn the benefits of biodiesel by clicking here