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E85 Flex Fuel Filling Station

e85Ethanol.pngPhillips Energy, Inc. offers E85 flex fuel (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) in both bulk deliveries and for refueling at our retail facility in Hayes, VA. 

Benefits of E85:

  • Versatile: If you have a flex fuel vehicle (vehicle will be clearly marked) you can use E85 or regular 87 octane gasoline or any blend.
  • Economical: E85 usually retails for at least $.30 per gallon lower than regular gasoline.
  • Compatible: E85 typically produces no change in engine performance, smoothness or sound.
  • Efficient: Use of E85 may result in a reduction of mileage that varies by vehicle 0-25%.
  • Domestic: Ethanol is produced in the USA.
  • "Green": Ethanol is water soluble, non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Clean: Vehicles fueled with E85 have lower carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions than conventional gasoline or diesel engines.

A flex fuel vehicle is marked as such. Only flex fuel vehicles should fuel with flex fuel (E-85).