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On-Road Diesel and Biodiesel Filling Station

On-Road Diesel with the Diesel Guard Supreme Additive

dieselGuardLogo.pngOur on-road diesel is treated with Diesel Guard, a premium diesel fuel additive specially formulated for today's high performance diesel engines. Diesel Guard helps clean up injector deposits, maintains fuel stability, improves lubricity, controls water and moisture, prevents rust and corrosion, reduces smoke emissions, reduces maintenance costs, extends engine life and improves your overall fuel economy. Our customers tell us they can really see a difference fueling with our Diesel Guard treated diesel. Our diesel fuel is available 24 hours 7 days a week through our retail fueling facility and for bulk delivery. 


biodiesel.pngPhillips Energy offers a B20 blend of on-road biodiesel (20% soy-based biodiesel, 80% premium enriched on-road diesel) in both bulk delivery and for refueling at our retail facility in Hayes, VA. during full service hours. 

Just like our "conventional" on-road diesel, our biodiesel is treated with Diesel Guard Supreme, a premium diesel fuel additive. We utilize cold-flow additives during the colder months to ensure the performance of our biodiesel product. 

Benefits of Biodiesel:

  • Economical: Biodiesel typically retails for $.10 - .25 less than diesel.
  • Compatible: There is virtually no difference in mileage when using biodiesel (in engines built in 1993 or later).
  • Popular: Many engines are manufactured today for biodiesel use, including the Phillips Energy delivery fleet.
  • Renewable: Biodiesel can be produced from a variety of renewable domestic resources.
  • Clean: Use of biodiesel reduces harmful environmental emissions.
  • Sustainable: Less energy is used to produce biodiesel than it generates.
  • Regulated: Fuel grade biodiesel is required to be manufactured according to strict industry specifications (ASTM 6751) and is regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency.