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The Propane Education and Research Council can offer financial assistance to commercial mowers to make the switch to propane through its Propane Mower Incentive Program. This program offers $1,000 per qualifying new propane mower purchase or $500 per…

For 2016, PERC is offering a Propane Farm Incentive Program aimed at studying the effectiveness of propane-powered equipment in the field. The program (formerly the Propane FEED Program) offers financial incentives to qualifying farmers who purchase…

2016 is the definitive year to GO PROPANE, especially with these Phillips Energy 70th anniversary savings on propane appliances and gas fireplaces.

Phillips Energy installs the finest energy-efficient products from the best names in the comfort industry such as Majestic, Kingsman, Napoleon, American Hearth, White Mountain Heart, Heatmaster, Vantage Heart, Valor, Skytech Remotes and RH…

Don’t put off getting that much needed new hot water heater, stove or energy efficient freezer because of cost. Apply for a rebate and earn money back.

Now is a great opportunity to earn money back when you purchase a propane-powered mower.