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Whatever the size of your propane tank, Phillips Energy can meet your propane delivery needs.

Propane’s many benefits include being versatile, safe, economical, efficient and able to work and power your home appliances even during an electrical power outage. 

Phillips Energy installs and services propane equipment for all indoor and outdoor household needs.


Propane Delivery Options

Phillips Energy customers who choose the automatic propane delivery service are ensured a full tank of propane when they need it – even during a cold snap (which as we all know living in Virginia can happen at any time during the winter months). Using our special degree-day tracking software and your propane usage history, we know when you're in need of a fill-up. No more checking your tank's gauge, calling for a delivery, and waiting for the fuel truck to arrive – you just sit back and enjoy the warmth and leave the delivery to us

Automatic delivery customers may be eligible for:

  • Enrollment in pricing protection programs
  • Discounts

We also offer will-call delivery for those customers who prefer to watch their tank gauge and call for deliveries. Will-call customers are encouraged to provide three to five days notice in order for the Phillips Energy team to schedule delivery into an already scheduled route for customers enrolled in our automatic delivery program. While we are occasionally able to deliver fuel sooner to our will-call customers, this is not always the case due to our trucks having been pre-routed to meet an ongoing demand.

Ask us about automatic delivery for qualified customers and emergency after hours service.


Propane Appliances

Phillips Energy installs quality propane appliances and can repair and maintain everything we sell. Our propane equipment includes furnaces, boilers, water heaters, space heaters, logs, grills, fire pits, lights and outdoor kitchens. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PROPANE APPLIANCES. 


Propane Safety

At Phillips Energy, safety is our top priority. As with any energy source and fuel, propane must be handled properly and with care. Propane is a safe and reliable energy source – it’s used all over Virginia and the nation to fuel school buses because it’s so safe. But as with any fuel, it must be handled properly and with care. Phillips Energy is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe while using propane in your home or business. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PROPANE SAFETY. 


Propane FAQs

Have questions about propane? CLICK HERE.