Propane FAQs

Have questions about propane? 

Q. I'd like to start propane service with Phillips Energy. Now what?

A. First, thank you for becoming a Phillips Energy propane customer. It is truly our pleasure to serve you. New accounts are set up on an automatic delivery schedule or on a will call basis. We require all new accounts have our  Gas Safety Check prior to our first delivery. Our technicians will supply all new customers with a "Propane Safety Information" brochure. Click here to fill out an online application to become a Phillips Energy customer.

Q. What does Automatic Delivery mean?

A. Phillips Energy computer software utilizes a system that forecasts propane delivery based on your propane appliances, tank size and history, when the tank is approximately 30% full. Because of our ability to forecast deliveries more efficiently for our automatic delivery customers, they are ensured the lowest possible fuel prices and could be eligible for additional discounts. 

Q. Is there a minimum delivery for will-call customers, and how far in advance should I call?

A. Will-call customers are encouraged to provide three to five days notices when the propane tank is 30% full in order for the Phillips Energy team to schedule delivery into an already scheduled route for customers enrolled in our automatic delivery program. While we are occasionally able to deliver fuel sooner to our will-call customers, this is not always the case due to our trucks having been pre-routed to meet an ongoing demand. Ask us about automatic delivery for qualified customers and emergency after hours service. Deliveries above 30% will be subject to additional fees.

Q. What do I do if I run out of Propane?

A. Call Phillips Energy immediately! If you can, turn off your propane tank. We will respond with propane delivery and dispatch a certified technician to perform a required leak test! Phillips Energy will light all pilots. DO NOT attempt to light pilots yourself.

Q. Whom do I call to service my Propane appliances?

A. Please call us at 804-642-2166 (Gloucester/Yorktown/Newport News/Virginia Peninsula), 804-725-9020 (Mathews/Deltaville/Urbanna/Middlesex/Reedville) or 804-966-2317 (New Kent/Providence Forge/West Point) or contact us through our online form here.

Q. How do I get my invoices?

A. Phillips Energy fuel delivery drivers will leave a copy of the delivery ticket. We also mail monthly statements, or you can request to have your invoice emailed to you. 

Q. What are my payment options?

A. Phillips Energy's convenient payment options include price protection and even monthly payment programs. Please call or contact us for details. We also offer online bill payment.

Q. How do I read my tank gauge?

A. Your propane tank gauge is a round dial located under the lid of the tank. When it's at 5% or less it is empty and at 80% to 85% it is full. The reason it is full at 85% rather than at 100% is to allow for expansion of gas during periods of warmer temperatures.

Q. Who owns my propane tank — me or Phillips Energy?

A. For most customers, Phillips Energy owns and maintains the tank and regulators, whether the tank is aboveground or underground. If you have a question about your tank's ownership, please contact our office.
Propane tanks require maintenance and inspections on different intervals, depending on the maintenance or inspection that is needed. These requirements should be met by a Certified Propane Technician. As the owner of the tank, Phillips Energy provides these services at no additional charge to our customers. For customers who own their propane tank, Phillips Energy provides these services – however additional charges typically apply.  Additionally, if the tank were to need repair, if Phillips Energy owns the tank we are financially responsible for the repairs. If the customer owns the tank, the customer is financially responsible for the repair. You can see why in most cases, customers prefer Phillips Energy to own and maintain the tank.

Q. What do I do if my pilot(s) go out or I believe I may be low or out of propane?

A. Contact Phillips Energy so that our full-service propane technicians can ensure your system is operating efficiently and safely. In some circumstances, we may need to schedule a propane technician to ensure your propane system is fully tested. In these circumstances, we will need you to meet us to provide access to your home.

Q. What to do if I smell propane?

A. If you smell propane, it is imperative that you follow the instructions you were given by your propane technician during your initial gas check. Click here to access specific instructions provided by the Propane Education Research as well as many other propane safety topics.