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Let Propane Work for You

manager February 5, 2023

When you go to work, so does propane. Whether you work in a factory or on a farm, propane’s versatility, reliability and affordability is unmatched. Offices, retail stores, restaurants, medical buildings, salons, warehouses, schools, fire and police…

Just the Facts About Propane

manager February 5, 2023

We don’t want to repeat more tired myths. We’d rather give you just the facts about propane with help from the Propane Education & Research Council. Here are 10 to chew on.

Get ready now for winter storm season with these tips. Even if it’s warm outside, it’s best to prepare ahead in southeastern Virginia, where temperatures can change radically overnight.

Power Up with Versatile Propane

manager February 5, 2023

In asking what propane can power, it’s almost better to ask what propane can’t power. Because propane can power just about everything for your home, business and community. Its reputation for versatility and safety is unmatched.

Constructing a new home? Remodeling your old one? Either way, make propane and propane appliances part of the plan. Here’s why.

Make sure to follow these safety tips whether you’re using your propane grill while preparing food for a large gathering or fixing a delicious dinner for two.