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2017 Propane Incentives Available for Farmers

- 8:38 pm - July 9th, 2017


Phillips Energy is proud to announce, and delighted to help our rich agriculture community, take advantage of the Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) 2017 Propane Farm Incentive Program.

PERC provides research, product development and consumer education for the use of propane equipment on agricultural operations and its Farm Incentive Program is a research project to gain feedback on the performance of select propane-powered equipment in the field.

What that means for farmers in our region is that participating agricultural operations can receive a financial incentive towards the purchase of qualifying propane-powered farm equipment in exchange for monitoring the performance and sharing the experience with PERC and its peers.

Registering for the Propane Farm Incentive Program is as easy as contacting us here at Phillips Energy and we can help navigate the registration process.

Qualifying equipment for the program includes:

  • Propane-Powered Industrial Engines – New, EPA- and/or CARB-certified industrial engines used for agricultural purposes, typically in pumping applications, can qualify for $300/liter of displacement.
  • Propane-Powered Generators for Prime Power – New, EPA- and/or CARB-certified generators used for prime power for agricultural purposes can qualify for $30/kW.
  • Propane-Powered Crop Dryers – New, high-efficiency upright tower grain dryers and high- efficiency horizontal profile grain dryers can qualify for a $3000 incentive. The dryer must either be a new installation or a conversion from another power source
  • Propane-Powered Water Heating Systems – New, high-efficiency water heating systems used in agricultural production operations are eligible for an incentive of $2000. The system must either be installed in new construction or as a conversion from another power source.
  • Propane-Powered Poultry, Swine, & Greenhouse Heating Systems – New poultry, swine, and greenhouse heating systems are eligible for an incentive of $0.10/square foot, up to $2000 maximum per system, when installed as part of an entire system installation. The complete heating system must either be installed in new construction or as a conversion from another power source.
  • Propane-Powered Flame Weed Control – New, flame weed control systems are eligible for an incentive of $1500.

Program Incentive Payments

Each agricultural operation can qualify for incentives for a maximum of two (2) units of equipment per application and a maximum of six (6) units total per year. Maximum incentive per unit is $5000. Incentives are paid directly to the agricultural producer once the requisite paperwork is processed, typically within 30 business days of PERC receiving the completed Registration Packet.


The Propane Farm Incentive Program is not a rebate program. The Propane Farm Incentive Program is a research initiative conducted by PERC. The purchase of propane-powered equipment does not guarantee eligibility for an incentive and not all applicants will qualify for an incentive. To ensure the most relevant and useful data is obtained through the program, PERC may deny a Propane Farm Incentive Program application even if all eligibility requirements are met. Important criteria will be taken into consideration when selecting the best possible candidates for the program such as the applicant’s ability to record and supply data, the proximity to another Propane Farm Incentive Program applicant, total acreage and types of crops produced, and the amount of gallons of propane used by the applicant, and the total number of equipment already in the program.

For additional information or questions regarding the Propane Farm Incentive Program, call us here at Phillips Energy or visit, email PERC at, or call 202-452-8975.