Propane rebates put money in your pocket and new appliances in your home

- 7:43 pm - February 25th, 2016

Winter is winding down. And thank goodness because we've seen some sharp cold snaps this year. Are you sick and tired of that old hot water heater sending shivers down your spine with a cold shower? What about that beat up stove that’s not cooking as efficiently as it should? While you’ve got a breather from the chill of winter — and before the swelter of summer arrives – it’s time to think about making some upgrades to your appliances.

Whether you’ve got a broken propane appliance or just want something new, there are a ton of rebates out there, regardless of the season, for homeowners and business owners. Don’t put off getting that much needed new hot water heater, stove or energy efficient freezer because of cost. Apply for a rebate and earn money back.

Rebates for propane appliances are available through a number of organizations, state agencies and retailers. Some agencies and retailers offer rebates for the safe installation of propane appliances. The Virginia Propane Research Education Foundation, for example, offers a $200 rebate to help with the safe, professional installation of new propane appliances. A list of rebates for homeowners and business owners is available on the Virginia Propane Gas Association website, including a commercial mower incentive program, incentives for propane farm equipment and rebates for certain propane-fueled products such as generators or combined heat and power systems.

If you’ve got a specific brand in mind, you can always look at websites of products you are thinking about buying to see if those companies offer rebates. Many do. Navien and Rinnai tankless water heaters, for example, always have rebates. Both businesses provide rebate links on their homepages for consumers to peruse.

But if searching individual websites for rebates seems daunting, there are other websites that bring that information to you. The National Propane Gas Association, the national trade association representing the U.S. propane industry, is a good place to start. The organization offers consumer tips and technology information as well as links to other organizations that offer rebates.

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) offers comprehensive information about incentives and policies that support renewable energy and energy efficient products in the United States. And the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) offers lists of propane retailers for residential and commercial products and appliances.  PERC also provides information on the latest industry and commercial incentive and rebate programs.

Searching for information is one thing. It’s something entirely different to actually apply for a rebate. The good news is Phillips Energy will help customers write and submit all rebate applications. The knowledgeable staff at Phillips knows how to answer the more technical questions and can easily walk you through the process so that you end up with money in your pocket and a new appliance in your home or business. It’s a no brainer. Just call us.