A Swell Time to Switch: Heating Your Home with Propane

- 4:08 pm - November 16th, 2017

Propane has a lot going for it as an environmentally responsible, cost effective and efficient way to heat your home.

It’s true. By using a propane-powered furnace to heat your home, you can ease the strain on both your wallet and the environment. Not to mention, you can make your house warmer faster (that soft, cozy kind of warmth).

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It’s because modern furnaces that use propane run more efficiently than those powered by electricity. And unlike many electric heating devices, propane furnaces create heat much more quickly – with warmth that actually lasts much longer. It all adds up to better comfort and a lower monthly energy bill.

In addition, statistics show that people who swap out electric appliances for propane appliances reduce their carbon footprint of greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%. As communities around the world look to go green, propane stands out as a great heating alternative for environmentally conscious consumers.

And don’t forget that a propane furnace or fireplace will be there to keep your family warm even when the electricity goes out.

So what about availability?

If you’re new to the Phillips Energy service area (Gloucester, Mathews, New Kent, Williamsburg York County, James City County and throughout the Tidewater region), you might have relocated from a place that had a natural gas utility company that piped the fuel directly to your house. Understand that propane offers the same efficiency and comfort as natural gas, and it can be conveniently delivered to your house for safe storage in a way that’s nearly transparent to you. Companies like Phillips Energy also offer monthly billing options and automatic refills.

In other words, propane is readily available to heat your home without you giving it a second thought.

So if you're thinking about making the heating switch, new propane credit incentives available from Phillips Energy means there’s no better time than the present to upgrade.

This season, Phillips Energy customers who buy a new propane heating appliance or replace an electric model will receive up to $500 in savings in the form of a propane credit.

Already have propane heat but thinking of upgrading other appliances? You’re in luck! Phillips Energy is also offering propane credits for upgrades of water heaters, gas logs, clothes dryers and more.*

Contact Phillips Energy today to take advantage of these incentives to fuel your life with propane, and reap the rewards of savings and efficiency.

*Upgrades must be a new propane appliance or the replacement of an electric appliance. Some exclusions apply. Maximum total propane credit available per customer is $500. Must be a Phillips Energy customer to receive any propane credits.