Three reasons why now is the time to install gas logs for your fireplace

- 1:45 pm - April 30th, 2018


As we move into Spring and Summer, installing gas logs for your fireplace may be the last thing on your mind. But here are three reasons why now is the perfect time to upgrade and start burning propane in your fireplace or your outdoor fire pit.

We’ve all heard of the four Cs of diamonds (clarity, cut, color and carat). Here are the three Cs for why you should move to burning gas now rather than waiting until fall.

Convenience. Burning gas and using gas logs give you instant flame with the flip of a switch. There’s no chopping, storing, seasoning or sparks – something you must deal with when using wood. Sparks can be especially concerning whether your fire is indoors or outside. An errant spark could burn someone or ignite a rug or some other combustible material outside. Perhaps the greatest convenience of all about using gas logs is no mess! When you’re done, the switch extinguishes the flame as quickly as it appeared and there are no ashes to clean up later.

Cleanliness. Gas logs burn more cleanly than wood, providing an environmental incentive. They eliminate soot, ash and grime, the byproducts of burning wood that require regular cleaning. 

Confidence. Now is the time to switch to gas logs or update your existing logs. If you’re working on an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, gas is a perfect option because of the cleanliness and convenience it offers. And even though we’re just entering spring and summer after a long winter, now is the time to upgrade your indoor fireplace to gas as well. Don’t be caught off guard at the first cold snap – which could happen in just five months! Install gas and gas logs now and be confident that your system will be ready to switch on when that first frost hits.

Getting it done

Phillips Energy installs and services a variety of gas log and fireplace styles to suit different tastes, budgets and construction requirements.

No chimney? No problem. There are various vent options available to suit your installation needs. Models and related accessories are offered from the leading comfort industry brands including Majestic, Kingsman, Napoleon, American Hearth, White Mountain Heart, Heatmaster, Vantage Heart, Valor, Skytech Remotes and RH Peterson.

All of the models sold by Phillips Energy burn propane, which can be conveniently delivered to your home on an automatic refill basis. Monthly billing is offered, as well as various pre-purchase plans that can help protect you against fuel price fluctuations.

Contact Phillips Energy today to fuel your life with propane and reap the rewards of convenience, cleanliness and confidence.

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