Propane Safety: Key Tips for Homes and Businesses

- 9:24 pm - June 28th, 2017

propane safety Phillips Energy.jpg

Propane gas is an affordable and efficient way to get hot water, cook, heat your home or business or even generate electricity with today’s new propane-powered generators. But, as with everything, Phillips Energy puts safety first for all of its customers. 

Here are a few propane safety tips:

Use Propane Appliances Appropriately

  • Do not use propane stoves as space heaters.
  • Do not use propane gas grills inside.
  • Always operate portable generators outdoors – never inside a building.
  • Have a certified propane service operator connect appliances and complete a leak test.

Handle Propane Tanks with Care

  • When transporting, appropriately secure portable propane tanks.
  • Do not store or use portable propane tanks inside households or any working spaces.
  • When in use, be sure to secure tanks properly.
  • Do not leave tanks in closed vehicles.
  • Have a certified propane service operator connect tanks to your appliances.

Keep Gas Levels High

  • Avoid running out of gas.
  • If you are out of gas, keep gas lines and valves closed to avoid leaks and rust.

Know How to Spot (and Smell) a Leak

  • If you smell gas, quickly terminate all open flames and evacuate the area.
  • Turn off the valve to shut down the gas supply from your propane tank.
  • After clearing the area, call your propane supplier or 911.
  • Stay away from the area until a propane service professional performs a system check and confirms it is safe to return.

Customer safety is Phillips Energy’s top priority. We have service technicians available around the clock, so please don’t hesitate to call us for assistance!

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