Fueling a Sense of Community: Zandler Development

- 12:17 pm - July 31st, 2014


Technically speaking, Keith Barrack and Charles Records founded Zandler Development eight years ago. But you could say the idea started several decades ago when the two were young boys fostering an interest in building. 

When, in adulthood, Keith became a contractor and Charles and engineer, it made sense to combine their talents and lifelong dreams of building beautiful places for the community to live, work and play. 

Zandler Development, a name itself derived from the combination of both Charles’ and Keith’s oldest sons' names, Zachary and Chandler, is a construction and design company founded with the vision of building quality homes and unique commercial projects. 

Together, Charles and Keith approach each project with a goal to make it stand out from the rest. Their formula to make that happen? Custom details, quality construction and innovative design. 

Zandler Development’s latest and most unique project? Coleman’s Crossing – a mixed residential and commercial development near the southern region of Gloucester, not far from the George P. Coleman Bridge spanning the York River. 

With an estimated completion date in two years, Coleman’s Crossing will boast residential space for 85 town homes (47 of which are either already finished and being lived in or under construction), as well as 45,000-square-feet of commercial space. 

It also features Phillips Energy fuel

“They’ve always been right on an issue when we need to have them out here to do work for us,” Charles said about Phillips Energy. “They’ve been installing all of our gas lines and they provide fuel for our company.”

Charles and Keith approached the Coleman’s Crossing development in the same way they do a custom home – using small details to help it stand out. 

For example, Charles said, “we are reusing our storm water. We’ve created a system to irrigate the property with [the water] and it really has significant environmental benefits. It’s not required, but we thought it was right—another way to protect the Chesapeake Bay.” 

The best detail of all? 

“There’s always a good crowd of people in the community center, whether they’re playing games or throwing birthday parties,” Charles said. “We really have a community here.”

Photo by Karen Lawson of Creative Chameleon.