Meet Carroll Rilee, Gloucester Fuel Delivery Driver

- 11:17 am - April 22nd, 2015

Caroll Rilee.jpg

Carroll Rilee knows Gloucester like the back of his hand.

Carroll was raised in Gloucester County and now, as a fuel delivery driver for Phillips Energy, he’s able to deliver fuel to his neighbors and family throughout the county, as well as Middlesex, King and Queen, and across the river in Newport News and Hampton when needed.

He’s worked at Phillips for 16 years, and previously worked for J.C. Brown Oil Co. until Phillips expanded and purchased the company in 1999.

“They’re good people to work with,” he said. “There are ups and downs to every job, but at Phillips, it always works out to benefit the people involved.”

When Carroll turns in for the day and heads home from delivering, he enjoys working in the yard and building or rebuilding wooden pieces.

“I like to woodwork. I’ve built furniture, picnic tables, benches, and I’ll either build them from scratch or fix a piece up for someone. What I build is more heavy duty and bigger than what you’ll buy in a store,” he said. “I enjoy it.”