Propane-Powered Generators: Going Beyond the Whole House

- 9:57 am - October 2nd, 2017

Families with whole-house generators know the benefits of having their unit connected to a residential propane tank. There’s great peace of mind in knowing your backup electrical supply is always full of a clean-burning fuel that lasts for years without going bad or gumming up mechanical components.

That’s been one a drawbacks with gasoline – as a liquid, it deteriorates over time, making it a less-than-ideal fuel for backup generators that typically go long periods without being used.

Propane powered whole-house generators have become increasingly popular over the years, with pricing that’s within reach of more and more homeowners.

Phillips Energy partners with a group of reputable generator suppliers for whole-house generator installations, and our technicians conduct on-site visits to test the propane connections when they are put into service. 

Speaking of service, it’s always a good idea to have whole house units serviced on a regular basis, and Phillips can provide a list of trusted service providers as well.

Propane for the Portables

But did you know that you can convert gasoline-powered portable generators to propane too?

It’s true, and with conversion kits readily available, it’s easier than ever to make the switch. What’s more, many kits come in a “tri fuel” configuration that allow you switch back to gasoline (or to natural gas) if desired.

Look for kits sold by reputable vendors that contain pressure regulators and other components needed to properly control fuel flow efficiency and safety, and contact us for a local service provider who can help you install your kit, if needed.

Propane is a clean, efficient and safe fuel that lasts for years – a perfect fit for generators of all sizes.

So Contact Phillips Energy for our list of preferred generator sales and service providers. And once you’ve made the switch, let us help you choose the right propane storage tank – whether permanent or portable – to meet your needs.