Grilling Safety Tips

- 11:28 am - May 25th, 2015

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Invite your friends and neighbors!  

Fire up the grill!  

May is National Barbeque Month and there is no better time in the United States than warm spring and summer months! America has an amazing and rich grilling culture and many Americans have a propane grill in their backyard. Along with enjoying the fun of grilling, it’s important to keep in mind safety.  

Follow these tips to ensure you are safely grilling with propane.

Ensure you put your grill together right. It sounds easy, but it’s very important to follow the manufacturers instructions. If you buy your grill from Phillips Energy, we'll make sure it's all together for you.  

Keep your grill outside at all times.
 Your grill should be at least five feet away from your home and leveled on a flat surface. Ensure it is away from siding, outdoor furniture and anything else that could potentially be a fire hazard. Never store propane cylinders inside an enclosed area such as a garage and shed. Propane is hazardous and should be stored in an open area.

When it’s time to light your grill, follow all instructions. When you light the grill keep the lid open and do not lean over the grill. If it is windy causing your flame to go out, turn off the gas, and refer to the owner’s manual. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you turn off the gas, keep the lid open and wait at least 15 minutes before re-lighting.  

Never leave your grill unattended while in use. If something happens, you can respond quickly if you are present.  

Follow these tips to safely use your American made, clean propane! 

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