Enjoy Your $300 Windfall by Installing a Propane Appliance

- 7:18 am - February 12th, 2024

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Think about the things you could do with an extra $300. Whether you want to go all out for a special event party, save for a rainy day, plan a weekend getaway or pay off an outstanding bill, a lot of extra pocket change is never a bad thing.

Replace an old electrical appliance with a new, highly efficient propane model from Phillips Energy and you’re eligible for a $300 rebate, now available for 2024.

While supplies last, that means:

  • $300 for a propane clothes dryer or propane cooktop range
  • $300 for a vented propane heater or wall furnace
  • $300 for a propane water heater or gas pack whole-house heating system. (Must be at least 40,000 btu and 90% or more efficient. Hybrid heating (dual fuel) systems must include propane.)
  • $300 for a propane generator

Another perk: You will reduce energy costs, leaving even more savings that you can use for something else plus —

  • Not only are propane-powered dryers more efficient, they have features  that include steam cycles to de-wrinkle.
  • Not only are propane-powered ranges, stoves and ovens more efficient, 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas that allows for more precise temperature control.
  • Not only are propane water heaters more efficient, propane tankless water heaters deliver endless hot water, which means no more cold showers in the morning.
  • Propane generators remove the stress that comes with a power outage. You will always have power and the confidence of knowing natural gasses never degrade or evaporate like gasoline.

Phillips Energy team members will make it easy to choose and install your new propane appliance and they will walk you through the process of getting your $300 rebate from the Virginia Propane Gas Association. The Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program from the Virginia Propane Research Education Foundation offers rebates to promote the safe, professional installation of the following new propane appliances: clothes dryers, cooktop ranges, vented heaters, wall furnaces, water heaters, gas pack whole-house heating systems and generators.

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