Propane Appliance Rebates and More Available for 2022

- 9:20 am - March 30th, 2022


Would you like to save hundreds of dollars on professionally installed, highly efficient, clean-burning propane appliances?

You can! We’re excited to report that The Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program from the Virginia Propane Research and Education Foundation is back and better than ever.

The 2022 program offers rebates to help promote the safe, professional installation of new propane appliances as follows:

  • $300 for a propane clothes dryer or propane cooktop range
  • $300 for a vented propane heater or wall furnace
  • $300 for a propane water heater or gas pack whole-house heating system. These systems must be at least 40,000 btu and 90 percent or more efficient. Hybrid heating (dual fuel) systems must include propane.

Propane is a year-round energy source that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to other fuels. Propane appliances are a great, highly reliable choice for cooking and heating needs in the home. 

Keep in mind that these rebates aren’t just for new construction. You’ll get the rebate when you install a new propane appliance that replaces an existing electric or natural gas appliance. For water heaters, both tank and tankless styles are eligible.

Visit the Virginia Propane Gas Association website to learn more about the rebate program guidelines, terms and conditions. Act now, as there are a finite number of rebates available, and they are awarded on a first-come basis. Appliances must be installed and inspected before December 31, 2022.

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