The Power of a Kind Word

- 6:12 pm - September 17th, 2020

Matt Taylor Phillips Energy.png

The power of a kind word goes a long way.

We think that each and every time we receive testimonials in support of the Phillips Energy team members that work out in the field – in your homes and businesses.

This year – a year no one could have anticipated – these kind words mean even more.

So we’re delighted to share a few of them here.

Thank you all for choosing Phillips Energy.

Phillips Energy Propane Home Delivery.png

“On behalf of (our) residence, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record my most honest and sincere Thank you to Mike Mayes. aka. “The Amazing Mayes.” I was pleased with the service I received. Mike was nothing more than respectful and very well knowledgeable about services I needed fixed on my furnace. His timely and exceptional services as well. It will be in my great pleasure to keep doing business with a company of your reputation in the future too. I am confident to say that Mike Mayes’ skills and experience are a big asset to your company. Thanks again.”

AB Fulcher Propane Manager Phillips Energy.png

“I am overdue in this letter to you and I apologize. To give you a quick history, last winter (2019) we had a bad storm necessitating me to use the gas stove as heat due to a power outage. Quickly, I noticed soot covering the inside of the stove and glass and the odor was bad enough for me to crack a window to let it out. Your serviceman came on time, was personable and thoroughly cleaned the gas stove that took over an hour of his time - during which we discussed my concerns. He then asked me for my paperwork on the gas stove - looked at the placement of the logs and placed them in according to the diagram. He checked everything - no issues whatsoever. Evidently, the logs were not put in the right position previously, causing the soot to start. I cannot express to you my gratitude in having (him) take the time to ensure everything was working properly.”