Welcome, Spring 2015!

- 11:49 am - April 22nd, 2015

"The Phillips Feeling"

When you step inside from frigid cold to welcoming warmth ... or from oppressive heat to refreshing central air ... or when you bite into that first grilled steak that lets you know spring has finally arrived: there’s a moment when time seems to stand still, when all agitations and anxieties are replaced with comfort and complete peace of mind. 

That feeling is what Phillips Energy is all about. We strive to instill it in our customers by providing them with high-quality, American-made fuel products, best-in-class comfort systems and the kind of technical expertise you simply won’t find anywhere else.

“The Phillips Feeling” is what you get when your cooling system runs smoothly all summer thanks to our annual service agreement. It’s also what you experience when you relax beside one of our customizable outdoor fire pits, or when you power up your fishing boat, lawnmower, four-wheeler, jet-ski, or classic car for the first time this spring.

You can find “The Phillips Feeling” just about everywhere in your town, because Phillips Energy isn’t only a fuel and comfort company; we’re a proud local business that truly cares about our customers and our communities. 

We’re committed to serving you and your neighbors however we can this spring and summer, so give us a call at 804-642-2166 (Hayes) or 804-725-9020 (Mathews). 

As always, we’ll be happy to share “The Phillips Feeling” with you.

Wishing you a sensational spring and summer,
John & Elizabeth