Thank You From Us!

- 1:16 pm - November 29th, 2023

Phillips Energy Customer Testimonial November 2023.png

We at Phillips Energy appreciate our customers, the reason why we are Virginia’s most trusted provider of premium heating oil, propane, autogas, on- and off-road diesel, eco-friendly alternate fuels, gasoline and marine fuels, and more.

How special it was for us to receive a handwritten note from one of our customers from Providence Forge. Debbie took the time to spell out to us how much she appreciated two of our employees, Mark and Zack, who recently installed a new tank and gas fireplace in her home. In her message written on the inside of a beautiful notecard she said, “I can’t say enough about them. Mark had all the patience in the world in explaining how to turn on and off, etc. I’m excited to be with Phillips and thanks again for your great group I can depend on.”

Wow. Thank you, Debbie. We’re blown away that you would take the time to sit and write us a personal note, stamp it and deliver it to the mailbox. Phillips Energy appreciates you and your business.

We always want to hear from our customers about how we’re doing, and many of you have left valuable feedback on Google reviews. If you have a few minutes, please write us a review so we can serve you better. And thanks, again Debbie. You made our day!