More than just fuel. Reflecting on 2016.

- 8:55 am - December 8th, 2016


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Greetings, Friends -

As we head toward the end of this year, we’re reflecting on our 70th anniversary…which we’ve been so grateful for all year long.

To say that starting and doing business in a small town has been good for us would be an understatement. To say that we love the communities we serve would be a bigger understatement.

While our clients have grown over the last 70 years from Gloucester to Mathews and New Kent and beyond, our relationship and commitment to this wonderful, broad community has remained the same.

Provide the best service that we possibly can because we believe we are more than just fuel.

It’s about being part of community and knowing that the community is a part of us. When this community needs us, we do our best to be there. Hurricanes, ice storms, tornados, sweltering heat waves (wow…we have been through a lot together!).

And when we need you, you return the love. You continue to trust us with your homes, your businesses, your family. Every time we request donations for causes, you reach into your pockets to give and donate your time to important missions.

As we said, we have seen a lot over the past 70 years. And we are grateful for each day. But the greatest thing has been your commitment and friendship. It’s been about more than just fuel.

Onward to another wonderful 70 years...together. #ProudlyPhillips #MoreThanJustFuel

May this season of giving and thanks bring you many blessings –

John and Elizabeth