Meet One of Our Own: Phillips Energy’s Barbara Ball, Customer Service Representative

- 12:02 pm - November 5th, 2014

Screenshot 2014-10-29 13.47.26.png

Call the Gloucester Phillips Energy location and she’s the welcoming voice you hear on the phone. Walk in and she’s most often the first smiling face you’ll see. 

And the importance of being that first impression for the community is not lost on Barbara Ball, who joined Phillips Energy in 2003 as a Customer Service Representative. 

“I wanted to work in a position where I could provide customer service to the community,” Barbara said. “I love working for Phillips because they are just really, really great people who value that customer service.”

Customers often come in to Phillips Energy looking for help, advice and guidance, Barbara said. Sometimes they call early, on the weekends or walk in just before the showroom closes. 

But they always get helped, Barbara said, because of the customer culture owners John Phillips and Elizabeth McCormick have created. Ask anyone on the Phillips Energy team about the most important lesson John’s grandfather left behind and they’ll tell you that it’s when a customer calls in the middle of night needing oil or propane, you don’t tell them you’ll be there tomorrow. 

“We’re here for them,” Barbara said. “That’s what I hope our customers know and what I hope they hear from me.”

What Barbara knows? A whole lot more than she did a decade ago, she said. 

“Looking back, it’s amazing to see how much the company has grown. I can’t believe how many families I’ve met, the connections we’ve made, and how much I’ve learned.”