Propane Gas Grill Safety Tips

- 12:14 pm - June 22nd, 2014


When the temperature outside heats up and the sun hangs around later and later, you know that it is officially grilling season. 

After long days of sweat, water (we know our beach lovers and boaters are reading!) and sunshine, your friends and family are bound to be ready to huddle around the grill with an appetite and cravings for summer specialties. 

Before you fire up the propane grills, be sure to follow these key safety guidelines, courtesy of our friends at the National Propane Gas Association / Propane Education & Research Council: 

•    Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s helpful to keep all instructions and written materials in an accessible place for when you do have questions. 

•    Make sure that the grill is off and completely cooled before covering it after use.

•    Always use or store propane cylinders upright and in a vertical position. Store them outdoors and away from sources of ignition. 

•    When you bring your propane cylinder to Phillips Energy to be refilled, we’ll check for any imperfections—damages, rust, dents, leaks. After you leave Phillips, take the cylinder immediately home. Ensure the cylinder valve is closed and plugged or capped for the ride home. 

•    Before lighting a propane gas grill burner, use a leak-detection solution to check all connections for tightness. This solution can be obtained from your local propane gas retailer and they can offer instruction on how to use it. Do not smoke near propane cylinders or use matches and lighters to check for leaks. 

•    Do not store or use a cylinder where it could be exposed to high temperatures—this includes storing spare cylinders under grills or nearby. 

•    Watch children closely and do not allow them to tamper with or play near the cylinder.

Stop by Phillips Energy to have your propane cylinders refilled or checked out. Looking for a new gas grill? Check out the latest models in our showrooms!