Generate Power When You Need It

- 9:53 am - January 22nd, 2020

Generator Powered by Propane.jpg

Living on the East Coast means being susceptible to hurricanes and other wind-related storms that could potentially cause major power outages. 

Remember Hurricane Isabel that blew through the area in 2003? It took out power to more than six million customers, resulting in outages that lasted as long as two weeks. For those with electric water heaters and ovens, that meant cold showers for days and no hot food, not to mention the inability to refrigerate food and power televisions and appliances. For those with gas-powered generators, that meant dealing with closed gas stations or non-working pumps.

One way you can prepare for events like this or even smaller power outages is to have a propane powered generator.

Propane generators are a great choice because they provide clean, affordable and reliable power for homes and businesses of any size.

Unlike other fuels, propane has many advantages.

For starters, propane is clean burning and non-toxic, so it won’t contaminate soil or ground water. This means you have the option of storing it onsite either above or below ground without any worries. Another important factor is that compared to gas or diesel, propane doesn’t degrade over time, so it’s always ready to go when you need it the most. If you have a propane generator, it will kick in within 10 seconds of an outage to power your home!

By comparison, if not used for a long time, gasoline generators can become contaminated or full of carbon deposits and require maintenance. Propane generators not only require less maintenance, but you can be sure it’s going to start up the first time – every time.

And despite what you may have heard, propane generators aren’t loud – they are actually quiet and produce as little as 60 decibels of noise – the same volume as a normal conversation.

In the event of an emergency or during a power outage, a propane generator serves as a reliable source to keep the power running and your home functioning.

If you are a customer with a propane-powered generator at your home or business, you can also benefit from Phillips Energy’s PROPANE TANK MONITORS that communicate directly, and in real time, with your smart phone to show you how much fuel you have on hand to power your generator when the forecast is hairy. Many customers with generators and this new monitoring technology report that the monitors bring them great peace of mind.

There's no need to go outside during severe weather to check your propane tank levels (you can see it right on your phone). Second home owner? Monitor from afar.

Only use propane for a generator? You'll know how much you have in your tank when you need it most and can connect with Phillips Energy to request a delivery to make sure you're fueled up when you need it most.

These monitors take five minutes to install and are available to Phillips Energy customers now for $10 per month.

Interested in learning more? Contact us. We’ll guide you through the process of learning more about generators and monitors.