Thomas Edwards, We SALUTE You!

- 11:15 am - April 22nd, 2015

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Thomas Edwards, We Salute You!

Phillips Energy is honored to support and sponsor charitable groups in our community. But nothing makes us prouder than learning the details of our team’s efforts to put people first.

This winter, just before the big snowstorm in February, Thomas Edwards was out making fuel deliveries when he came across a lady on Interstate 64 who had veered off the side of the highway in an accident. 

Thomas, in his Phillips Energy truck at the time, immediately pulled over to help. Before joining Phillips Energy, Thomas worked as an EMT and knew right away what to do until the ambulance arrived. 

He put people first. Community first. 

And, in his true humble nature, he never even really talked about it. We only found out when a large thank you note and Edible Arrangement arrived at the office from the woman.