What Was Happening in 1946 When Phillips Energy Launched?

- 12:19 pm - January 12th, 2016

The year was 1946, the year of the Fire Dog for those of you who also track the Chinese Zodiac. Phillips Energy officially started in 1946 along the York River at Gloucester Point. You may know our first building – the Beach Shack owned by Gloucester County today. 

This year marks our 70th anniversary in the energy industry, helping fuel people’s lives across our community. 

Looking back, a lot has changed since we first opened our doors. We grew from that first location to today, where we have locations in Gloucester, Mathews and New Kent. We now feature alternative fuels, propane and a retail fuel station. We service and install HVAC and more. 

Here’s a look back at what was happening in 1946! 


Harry S. Truman was President

Marilyn Buferd (Los Angeles, CA) was crowned Miss America

St. Louis Cardinals are World Series Champions

Sylvester Stallone was born July 6th

Steven Spielberg was born December 18th

Dolly Parton was born January 19th

Cher was born on May 20th


Average cost of a new house was $5,600

Average wage per year was $2,500

Average cost of a new car $1,120

Minimum wage was $0.40

First-Class U.S. postage was $0.03

One year tuition at Harvard was $420

The cost of a movie ticket was $0.55

A gallon of milk cost $0.67

One dozen eggs cost $0.59


World’s first electric blanket

Tupperware was introduced to US consumers 

The first general-purpose electronic computer is unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania

AT&T announces their first car phones

Piaggio produces the first successful motor scooter, The Vespa

Films Released

It’s a Wonderful Life


The Best Years of Our Lives (BEST FILM OSCAR WINNER)

Song of the South

Great Expectations    

Beauty and the Beast

Stairway to Heaven

Top Five Songs

Perry Como – “Prisoner of Love”

Eddy Howard – “To Each His Own”

Ink Spots – “The Gypsy”

Frank Sinatra – “Five Minutes More”

Frankie Carle – “Rumors Are Flying”


The bikini debuted in Paris on July 5th    

The Cannes Film Festival debuts in France in September

RCA begins production of 630-TS, the first television designed and manufactured after the war. 10,000 units are sold by the end of the year

The first televised heavyweight fight (Joe Louis va Billy Conn) was viewed June 19th

Faraway Hills becomes the first TV soap opera on October 2nd

Top Christmas Toys

Magic 8 Ball

Lionel Trains with “Stream”

Streater Steam Shovel Truck