Attention Propane Customers: Propane Safety Tips

- 9:59 am - November 18th, 2015

All Phillips Energy propane customers receive our FREE Gas Safety Check
prior to their first delivery. We provide this service free of charge because we truly care about our customers, and your safety is our number-one priority. That being said, you too have a role to play in keeping your propane-heated home safe. If you ever think your propane may be leaking, or if you notice any of the warning signs below, contact Phillips Energy immediately.

Smell: Rotten eggs, skunk’s spray or an animal carcass. This scent has been added to the fuel as a way of warning customers of a leak. Still, for your complete safety, we recommend purchasing a propane gas detector.

 If your system’s pilot light goes out, there may be a problem. Do not attempt to relight it yourself. Give Phillips Energy a call and we’ll take care of it.

Most importantly, in the event of a leak, do not operate phones, lights, appliances, or anything that could create a flame or spark. Leave the area immediately, turn off your main gas supply valve, call 911 and report the leak to us. 

Phillips Energy will check your propane equipment to make sure it’s safe for reuse. 

To help ensure customer safety, please review all safety information at to learn more.